Happy Apple Season!


U-picking NOW!


Granny Smith (Tart Baking/Eating) $3.00 per pound

Arkansas Black (Sweet/Tart Eating) $5.00 per pound (Sat/Sun only)

Chestnut Gathering available NOW!

Pumpkin Picking 70% off!

  • U-pick hours:  

    • Thursday-Monday (Starting Labor Day Weekend)

    • 10:00-4:00

  • Not all fruits/varieties will be offered on all days. Prices, hours, and crop offerings are subject to change. 

Festive Fall Offerings:

            On the South Side of the farm (Market Barn, Main parking lot, parks) you'll find....

Market Barn: 7 days a week 

-Country Kitchen: 7 days a week 

-Nature Trails: 7 days a week 

-Live Musical entertainment: Sat/Sun

-Little Seedling Ranch (Petting Zoo and miniature Farm): Sat/Sun

-Wagon Rides and Tractor Rides: Sat/Sun 

-Horse Back Rides: Sat/Sun 

-Packing House Tours: Sat/Sun at 1:00

-U-press Cider: Sat/Sun 

-Corn Stand: Sat/Sun

-Hard Cider Tasting: Sat/Sun

               On the North Side of the farm (closest to Wilshire's peak) you'll find.....

-Corn Maze: Thursday-Monday 

-U-pick Fruits: Thursday-Monday 

-Farm Tent: Thursday-Monday 

-Popcorn and Vintage Soda Cart: Sat/Sun (North Side) 

-Tractor Drawn Hayrides: Sat/Sun

Are you a planner? Let us help!

Here's a quick guide to the farm highlights and how you might want to plan your day!

Farm visitors guide 2.jpg