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U-Pick Stand

In addition to our Country Store, Cafe, BBQ and, Bakery we also have a seasonal Fruit picking stand Located Across Oak Glen Road.  From the stand you can pick apples, berries, pumpkins, and nuts.  In the late Spring and into the Summer we have strawberries.  From Summer into Autumn we have Raspberries.  From Late Summer into Autumn we have Apples.  Each year due to weather patterns and climate factors we may have to adjust schedules.  Look for our most up to date estimates below for fruit picking.


Strawberries are Ripe!

Come up with your family and enjoy picking in the patch. They are available on the Weekends at the U-Pick on the North Side of the ranch. They are also available in the country store Pre-picked. 

Apples Are Growing 

The Apples are growing well, they are about the size of a silver dollar now.  Our first Apple to ripen will be the Gravenstein sometime around the second week in August; they will be followed shortly by the Gala. Keep checking back in with us to see when the apples will be ripe.

Pumpkins Are Being Planted 

We are in the process of planting our Pumpkins now. We will have over 20 varieties of pumpkins this year. You can see the progress at the U-Pick if you come to pick strawberries. The two fields are next to each other. Pumpkins usually come ripe sometime between the third week of September and the first week of October.  


Los Rios Rancho U-Pick Stand

Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm

39610 Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen, CA, 92399
United States



Our Apple Season extends from Labor Day weekend through Thanksgiving.

During this time you can find up to 18 different unique apple varieties for both u-pick and bulk purchase.  We offer locally grown apples in our country store year-round for your enjoyment. 

~Here is a glimpse at our most popular apple varieties~

 Arkansas Blacks 

Arkansas Blacks 



 Barkley Rome Beauty

Barkley Rome Beauty

 Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious



 Double Red Delicious

Double Red Delicious

 Granny Smith

Granny Smith









            We value traditional farming methods and thus do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals on our produce. We are home to 8,000+ heirloom fruit trees and proudly produce 32 different unique apple varieties. We find that quality fruit tastes best when it is consumed as close to it's picking season as possible. Thus during our off-season we bring our apples in from other local organic farmers. This helps to support our local growers and satisfies our customers fruit hunger when our produce is not in season. 

We use our apples to make a host of farm goodies from fresh pressed cider, to hot dutch pies, and even apple jack. 

Apples are sold by the bag within the country store year-round. During select months we offer u-pick apples by the pound. If you are interested in bulk purchase please call at least 1-3 days prior to intended pick-up

Apple Crop Schedual.jpg




We grow over 20 varieties of unique pumpkins here on our 200 acres of farm land. Varieties include:

 Jack-o-lanterns, Munchkins, Cinderellas, Cooking Pumpkins, and more. We also raise a large variety of gourds and squash available during the Thanksgiving season.


We offer pumpkin picking and pre-cut pumpkins in the market barn during the months of October and November. 

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We grow more than 2 acres of delicious berries.

Summer Hours Are:

  • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Deliciously tart and wonderfully flavorful, enjoy these beautiful berries in the late summer and early fall.  Every year we plant 5-10 acres of tasty berries for our farm guests to enjoy.  Bring your sun hat and close toed shoes to pick these yourself or let us do the work and pick-up a basket-ful in our country store. When in season, you'll find these sweethearts used in our pies, pastries, and even shakes. 

Available for u-pick late July-Early October

Not Available Yet


Natures Candy.  Nothing beats a handful of fresh strawberries off the bush on a warm summers day or taking the the fresh strawberries and slicing them into a cool glass of lemonade.  Come on up for our strawberry harvest and get a basket of bright red delicious fruit and escape the california heat at our 5000ft high ranch. 

Available for u-pick Late June-September and November.

But this year we are starting in May!

Our berries are grown using natural organic methods. 


Em's Acres

Em's Acres is a functioning Organic Horse Farming Operation providing customers with fresh fruit and vegetable produce during the natural harvest seasons.

At Just 19-years-old Emma Riley has begun one of the only fully functional commercial horse farming ventures in Southern California.



The First step in the Horse farming process is preparing the soil for planting.  This requires the most horse power to pull the implements that make the soil suitable for planting.



During the Late spring and early Summer Months, Em invites whoever is up for an afternoon of light labor, to join her in the field for an afternoon of sewing seeds.  



Summer is the harvest season for most of her tasty, organically grown, veggies. You can find anything from heirloom potatoes to squash available in our market barn.