Know-before you-Go Apple Season 2019

We Love Fall! Pretty much everything about it. The smell of ripening apples, the taste hot pie just out of the oven, and of course the changing Autumn colors that prove its that time of year.

Fall in Oak Glen is one of those bustling places that almost all of LA flocks to because they love those very things that we do. This means it gets busy, very busy, especially on the weekends in October so we've put together a few know-before-you-go pointers so that you can enjoy every minute of your trip. 


Food, Snacks, and Beverages 

Our main location to purchase food on the ranch is in our Country Kitchen. Here we offer fresh baked pies, cold glasses of cider, slow cooked meats, and more. Wait times for food during the fall are approximately 45 minutes to an hour. If you go just 2 minutes down the road to our newly renovated Wilshire's Apple Shed you can find hot soup, fresh baked quiche, pastries, and espresso. This little gem has ample parking and is yet to be discovered. find us there at 11925 Oak Glen Rd.  You can also bring a picnic and enjoy one of our scenic parks in between your fall fun. 

Other Options: 

  • Corn Stand (outside the market barn. Roasted corn, slices of pie, cold drinks)

  • Popcorn and Vintage Soda Cart (near the U-pick tent)

  • U-pick Tent (Light snacks, Grab N' Go foods, cold drinks)



U-pick Fruit 

We offer seasonal fruit picking. Before you go, check-in at our U-pick Tent (on the north side of the farm) or in the market barn for orchard information. Depending on your visiting time, different orchards will be available.


  • We offer u-pick apples by the pound

  • Wear close-toed shoes

  • Dogs are not allowed into the orchards or berry patches

  • We provide: Baskets, Bags, Picking implements.

  • Please do not bring your own bags or boxes for picking.

  • There is no guarantee that fruit will be available at the time of your visit. We do our best to get picking information directly to you as crop reports come in. If you visit and find that we no longer have fruit available for picking we encourage our guests to have a good attitude, enjoy the blissful fall, and experience one of our other offerings with their families.


Where to Park

We offer 6 different convenient parking locations on the farm. We also offer additional parking at our new shop Wilshire's Apple Shed (11925 Oak Glen Rd) just 1/4 mile down the road from Los Rios. Here you can easily walk to Los Rios and other surrounding farms. 

  • Please do not park on the main road

  • We have multiple parking attendants that will direct guests as parking becomes available

  • Arrive early for the best space (gates are open at 8:30)

  • 2 of our main parking locations are paved with handicap accessible spaces


What To Bring

We experience true seasonal changes here on the ranch. Though September can often be warm, October and November do start to get a chill in the air. 

  • Check our 24 hour on-site weather guide below to help you plan your day

  • Though it's usually bright and sunny, we do suggest bringing an umbrella just in case you're coming in late Autumn

  • Bring water. We have multiple nature trails onsite that are hard to resist, so stay hydrated as you’re enjoying the grounds.

  • Bring a sunhat. Orchard experiences can often take about an hour. Enjoy it and bring a little shade along

  • Wear close toed shoes. You’re on a farm and we're positive you'll want to explore.

  • Most Cashiers on the farm take card or cash. However, we do suggest bringing some cash as many locations in the Glen do not accept cards.

  • Bring a camera. You'll want to capture the many memorable experiences you'll have at the farm.