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Country Store

Find a unique variety of preserves, home goods, and homemade gift items in our historic country store. Open more than 60 years. 


Jams and Jellies

As a small family operation, we take pride in helping support other businesses of that nature. Los Rios has maintained a more than 50 year relationship with local preserve factory E. Waldo Ward and sons. 

Ward is a 3 generation old farm located in Sierra Madre California and is one of the largest providers of Jams and Jellies in Southern California. Los Rios is proud to offer more than 60 Varieties of this families preserves. We also offer a selection of Stonewall Kitchen products and locally raised honey. 


Come up all year round to get fresh apples of many varieties.

We grow both Heirloom and common apples for your culinary pleasure.



Apple Cider

We Produce fresh pressed sweet cider all year round.  Apple cider is the most basic form of apple juice.  It is a mildly filtered extraction directly from apples with no other added ingredients.  Just Apples.  Each Gallon of cider contains a mixture of juice from at least 3 varieties of apples and can sometimes reach 9 varieties at the height of our apple season.  This mixture balances the overall tartness and taste of the cider to create a well balanced beverage.  If your taste for sweet cider can only be matched by your enjoyment of Hard Cider, then look no further than Oak Glen Cider Companies Hard Apple Cider.  It is produced here at Los Rios Rancho and comes from our sweet apple cider.




Farm Kitchen

Bakery and BBQ


*All prices subject to change. This menu is intended to be reference guide to our offerings and as a convenience to our customers.  It does not guarantee that we will have in stock any of these items.  All items are subject to availability.

*Combination items come with one standard side and one standard drink.  If one wishes to upgrade the standards to specialty items, the difference will be added to the the combination price.