Learn to Drive


Draft Horse Driving Classes

  • Join our experienced teamsters for 4 days of learning to harness and drive draft horses in an intimate setting. 

  • These classes will give you the ability to harness, hitch-up, and drive our teams of draft horses yourself all under the training and direction of Emma Riley and other experience staff. This introductory session will help you gain knowledge and experience when working with drafts, understand the importance of proper equipment and usage, as well as gain confidence in the driving world.

  • We have a working draft horses and a practical driving style. This class will provide general driving knowledge and experience but will not prepare you for the draft horse show world. Some horse knowledge is recommended but beginners are welcome. 

For those with little driving experience who are seeking employment as a teamster with Los Rios Rancho, these classes are required prior to employment. If this is the case, some discounts may be applied to class fees. Please indicate if this is your goal at the time of check-in. 

Space is limited to 10 attendees per day so sign up soon!

Classes are $60 per day or $220 for all 4 days. 

Check in will begin at 9:00 and classes will start promptly at 9:30. We expect that the day should be done by 2:00. However, some flexibility in this timing is required. Our goal is that each of you would get the opportunity to drive enough to feel comfortable behind the lines. This goal might take a longer or shorter amount of time to reach depending on the individual. 

  • April 27th- Harnessing and hitching up the draft horse.

  • April 28th-Driving the team of horses (walk, stop, basic left and right turns)

  • May 4th- Driving the team of horses (backing, “gee" and “haw”)

  • May 5th- Driving the single horse 

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