Winter on the Ranch

We are all drowsy with the winter weather and nestled by our crackling fires, we wait for Spring. And yet the farm work is never done.....Winter time means trees must be pruned, horses must be blanketed, and the bakery must be ever producing warm delights for you to enjoy. 

When the days are short and the morning brisk we are reminded of the glory of changing seasons. There is a season for all things, and no one knows this better than a farmer. Seasons bring life and death to all things and harken back to the reality that days are ever progressing, no one alike the next. And thank God for that. 

From our family to your, we wish you a bit of rest this fine winter. Even here in So Cal we can rejoice in lovely January. 

From the Desk of Rebekah Riley Bastedo 

Wedding coordinator and Marketing manager~

Rebekah Riley