The Process

 Apples are ground and pressed to produce sweet apple cider( apple Juice with no pasteurization or preservatives added) that will be used to make the hard cider.  Next the Sweet cider is introduced to some brewers yeast to mix with the naturally occurring yeasts in our local environment.  The sweet cider and yeast are then moved to a cold room and the temperature is monitored to ensure a steady fermentation process.  The Cider ferments for anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.  The final process is to bottle the cider.  While some of our ciders are produced like a white wine and are non carbonated the most popular style of cider is mildly carbonated in a large pressure tank that dissolves the carbon dioxide into the cider and helps to give the cider a precise fizz that brings out more of the flavors.  In the future we will have a detailed description of our process and more information posted to our own website.

Our Mission

Hard Cider is a beverage that has been produced by people around the world since the propagation of the apple.  Throughout history hard cider has been a drinkk that has brought people together and brought sweet flavor to many lives.  We invite you to join us in a discovery of the flavorful potentials that unique apple varieties bring to the world of hard cider.  We strive to produce interesting and unique experiences through our delicious products.

Where to Find OGCC Hard Cider

Our hard cider is currently available at Los Rios Rancho and The Wilshire Apple Shed where we also have a tasting room.