Wilshire Apple Shed

Wilshire apple shed is a recent acquisition of Riley Family Enterprises.  After years of Wilshire sitting vacant and closed we have breathed new life into this historic building.  We have made some improvements that help to preserve the rustic charm for generations to come.  Currently we have a Small gift shop that is open on the weekends.  Wilshire apple shed is also Features a Hard Cider Tasting room where Oak Glen Cider Company is featured.


Oak Glen Cider Company

Oak Glen Cider Company is the first and only hard cider company in Oak Glen.  The Hard Cider that Oak Glen Cider Company produces is produced in a lambic adapted style that incorporates our local yeasts and cultured yeasts that produce a distinct and unique product line.  The big distinction of Oak Glen Cider Company's production of cider is that the entire operation happens on the same property as the cider apples are grown.  The whole process (growing, harvesting, pressing, fermenting, bottling and selling) occurs at historic Los Rios Rancho.  Check out more about the cider company by clicking on the link below.


Gifts and Specialty Foods

Our gift shop is filled with unique gifts and foods sourced from craftsmen and craftswomen around the country.  Each year we work hard to find new intuiting artists that are producing high quality products.  In add-on to our gifts we currently have a selection of gourmet foods that expands our gift offerings into that of the kitchen.  Come up and visit us for something special for your loved ones or even a gift for yourself.


Wild Goose Coffee

We current offer delicious Specialty Coffee by the bag and by the cup.  We source our beans from the Local Social Enterprise, Wild Goose Coffee.  From every pound of beans that are purchased wither by our business or as a retail bag  Wild Goose donates 10 pounds of food to our local food bank to help the local community.  To find out more about Wild Goose Coffee click the link below and Familiarize yourself with these amazing business partners.